Our first Leadership for Social Change Seminar GU Impacts students gather at our recent retreat. A presenter shows her idea at the Data Jam An image of the Beeck Center's Design Meetup for the upcoming Data Jam. Nicaraguan streets at sunset

Leadership for Social Change

In this interactive course taught by Paul Schmitz, students will explore how leadership works and has worked through social change history, consider a set of values and practices for effective leadership today, and identify their own leadership purpose and style. Read more about our first meeting, click here.

Building Public-Private Partnerships to Scale Pay for Success

Be sure to read what Congressman John Delaney has to say about the Pay for Success event that took place on October 1st!

“Having taken two companies public before joining Congress, people often ask me if I find it frustrating that the government doesn’t operate like a business…” You can find the rest of his post on our blog.

GU Impacts Retreat

On Saturday, September 27, we brought all of our GU Impacts participants from the summer of 2014 back to the Beeck Center. We focused on sharing stories and deconstructing the experiences they had while abroad. The event culminated in a presentation on Asset-Based Community Development from our Innovator in Residence, Paul Schmitz

MBK Data Jam

In August, we had the honor of partnering with the U.S. Department of Education and Deputy Secretary Jim Shelton for the My Brother’s Keeper Data Jam, a day-long event. Mr. Shelton is also the Executive Director of My Brother’s Keeper, the President Obama’s flagship initiative to empower boys and men of color. 

Learn more about the Data Jam in our Letter from the Executive Director!

Design Meetup: Brainstorming the MBK Data Jam

After many meetups for President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, we came together with coders, teachers, researchers, and members of the US Department of Education in hopes of planning a successful Data Jam.

GU Impacts

GU Impacts is a program that provides experiential education in social enterprise, giving Georgetown students the opportunity to work directly on entrepreneurship projects in economically developing countries over the summer.

Drive Impact

Join us to explore what governments can and are doing to improve results using outcomes-focused policy tools at varying levels of government and across multiple delivery systems. To learn more, read our new report Funding for Results: A Review of Government Outcomes-Based Agreements.

Did you read our new report yet?

Read the Beeck Center’s new report, Funding for Results: A Review of Government Outcomes-Based Agreements, on how governments can re-align incentives and design outcomes-focused policy to drive impact in communities. See the report here.

Don't miss our 2015 Spring Course!

Want to make lasting social change? Have a real impact? Interested in Design Thinking? 

Work directly with a client to scale a children feeding program. Find out the latest methods for social innovation. Create lasting social change. Have an invaluable life experience!

Come learn about this exciting new Spring 2015 course on Thursday November 20th, at 6:30pm in the Beeck Center (ICC 100). Cookies will be served!

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Transforming Government Funding to Drive Impact

Governments around the world are beginning to embrace outcomes-based funding as a way to increase their impact...

Standford Social Innovation Review - Nov 13, 2014

The Beeck Center Releases Report On How Governments Can Pay For Success

The Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University today released its report on outcomes-focused policy, which illustrates how the public sector can realign funding to reform social service delivery and improve results...

My Social Good News - Nov 13, 2014

The Culture of Collective Impact

I came to believe in collective impact from a cognitive dissonance I increasingly experienced during two decades of work in the nonprofit sector. It culminated in April, 2010, when I awoke to a headline that my hometown Milwaukee had the worst 4th grade reading scores for African American children in America. That same day I received a newsletter from a well-regarded youth organization boasting about the outcomes it was achieving for the children they served. I could not reconcile why we had great programs achieving outcomes, and yet the city-wide numbers did not seem to ever change.

Huffington Post; October 22, 2014

New Center Strives to Impact

Eight months after its launch, the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation has taken steps to entrench itself in the Washington, D.C., community and to increase its interactions with the student community at Georgetown.

The Hoya; October 4, 2014

My Brother’s Keeper: How Can Data Empower Young Men of Color?

Jim Shelton, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education, sees an event like the Data Jam as a unique way to tackle the concerns of My Brother’s Keeper. “As a country, we need to figure out how we can lean in to the opportunities and challenges for boys of color, so we can shape the narrative and help them understand that their country is willing to invest in them,” Shelton explained. “What’s so exciting about a Data Jam is that it’s a form of community collective action--people from all walks of life mobilizing as a community to try to come up with solutions.”

EdSurge; August 27, 2014

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